iPhone Artistry-Inspiration

See what you can do.

...make special out of the mundane...

Rose in the Window

Sunflowers in Window


Car Show I

The Gatehouse Gallery

Carmel Landscape

Union Hotel Patio, Benicia

Car Show II

Woman on Wall

Car Show IV

Car Show III

Car Show V

Rosanna Bakery

Benicia Marina at Sunset

Letters from College

Overlay letters with images.

Departing Flights

Killing time at the airport -make art.

Stand Off

Hofsas House - Carmel, CA

Learn Creative Shooting Techniques

Red Baron in Fog,

Benicia, CA

Turn a photo into a painting.

Majestic Theater, Benicia, CA

Turn a local theater vintage.

Rose Splash

Cala Lilly ala O'Keefe

Dew Drop Rose - Add Poetry

Carmel Mission Chapel

Raindrops in Rearview

Neptune's Daughter, Benicia, CA

Add interest to local sculpture.


Add Drama to image of grandson.

Woman and Bird

Add textures for effect.

Rye Toast

with Creme Cheese

Knoxville Coffee Shop -The Pearl

Make art while enjoying a cup of coffee. Create something unique.

Gualala, CA

Motel Recliners

Create mood.

Savannah Bus Stop

Grab great travel tableaus removing unwanted signs and distractions.

While enjoying a cuppa joe create a book cover for your next book.

Dance Studio-Arsenal, Benicia

Turn simple photo into a gorgeous watercolor painting.



Make art out of your lunch.

Turn one simple image of a rose into a beautiful rose collage.

Create an army of "Posers" from window display mannequins.

Red Baron,

Benicia, CA