Beth Grimm Creative Arts

iPhone Artistry

Rose in the Window

Sunflowers in Window


Car Show I

The Gatehouse Gallery

Carmel Landscape

Union Hotel Patio, Benicia

Car Show II

Woman on Wall

Car Show IV

Car Show III

Car Show V

Red Baron at Sunset II

Red Baron at Sunset I

Rosanna Bakery

Two Vases

Benicia Marina at Sunset

Letters from College I

Letters from College II


Departing Flights

Wisteria in Bloom

Posers IX

Stand Off

Hofsas House 

Majestic Theater Benicia I 

All Things Bird II

Bird Underwater

Red Baron in Fog II

Majestic Theater Benicia II

Rose Splash

Posers V

Posers II

Posers III

Posers IV


Father Junipero, Carmel 

Posers VII

Posers VI

Cala Lilly ala O'Keefe

Dew Drop Rose II

Dew Drop Rose

Carmel Mission Chapel

Red Baron in Fog III

Benicia Egrets

Red Baron at Midnight