I’m a Baby Boomer still collecting knowledge and skills, and sharing and teaching what I know.

After helping others for thirty years as a condo lawyer resolving difficult problems in people's home environments, I retired to a life of road tripping and art, and being a grandma (and as of November 3, 2020, a great grandma!).

You can find remnants of my law career online in articles and books, one which is still available on Amazon, THE CONDO OWNERS ANSWER BOOK, published by Source Books Publishers. I spent thirty years as a purveyor of solutions to people's legal problems. 

Now I help people absorb more of life, embrace creativity, and enhance their inner and outer vision, while keeping things simple.

I'm a self-taught artist and teacher with training in many mediums: photography, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, Photoshop, iPhone iPad art. And I'm a writer. And I don't let things get me down. 

Take the year of the Pandemic, everything changed, and everyone found themselves at home more. For me, it meant more time on my hands. 

2020 was a good year to finish up projects! My most recent book is a Memoire about my a prickly relationship with my father published by Outskirts Press, called THE GREAT GRANDPA CHRONICLES. And a prose anthology was produced in Benicia this year called THE CARQUINEZ REVIEW, containing stories from local writers including a story from my Memoire. I was doubly honored by being asked to provide the cover image. These are two milestones of 2020 for me.

2020 was a good year to teach online! The pandemic isolated many people, and led to a desire to work and learn from home. Seekers of classes and art schools looked for alternatives to on-site learning, and zoom boomed! I scrambled to create classes and opportunities to share my art through this methodology, and came to love it. It affords students to see up close exactly what I am doing in a demo, and to work along step by step, and to see the images shown in high def. I allowed me to teach more widely for art centers, and serve a wider art community.

My philosophy is driven by a desire to keep things simple and have fun!  To create now, all I need is the one device I always have with me. It's the best tool in the world for taking pictures, making art, dictating stories, and producing art and books. I can expand on things on the iPad and PC when at home working or teaching.

My Life As an

Artist and Teacher

I love teaching people what I know. My blog and newsletter followers in my law days know that already. My art followers are quickly learning that. The pandemic of 2020 pressed me into learning how to teach online and now  I can expand my reach to many more people than ever before. This brings me joy. 

 My life is immersed in creativity. And I love it. I hope you will join me soon. 

From my road trip collection. 

Canada, Lake Louise


iPhone Teacher