AVAILABLE - Custom Art - Buildings  & Places in Benicia, and Unusual Portrait Montages (People or Pets) - All from Photographs

CONTACT ME by email to request CUSTOM ART

You can order a metal print approximately 16X21 size  $185.00

Gallery backed wire hanging Dye Infused metal print.

For Additional $20.00 I will provide the digital file so you can order

prints, cards, coasters, mugs, etc.

Boatyard Jalopy-Photograph


Depot and Other sites


3 different versions - of a business on First Street, Benicia

Two versions - Custom Homes

in Benicia

Artworks inspired by the work of other Artists like Kandinsky.

The Painted Ladies of Benicia

You choose which ones.I will create a collection of singles or a collage.

I can create a painting from a picture of your favorite animal(s). Or a portrait with special meaning.

Looks like they both got the memo about matching pants !!